Hi, I’m Rachel Valentyne

Your Celebrant for Weddings, Parties, Funerals & More

Bringing people together in times of love and loss, I believe that anyone with a loving heart has the right to say “I do” to their chosen one.

I’m an authorised marriage and funeral celebrant based in Lutruwita/Tasmania.

I got hitched in 2020. “how did you manage that you ask”? I eloped with my lover up the east coast of Tasmania. “You’re in Tasmania’? Yup, that’s right. I grew up in Melbourne, moved to Central Victoria, made some babies, realised it sucks raising kids with no grandparents, so off to Tasmania we went.

I live in the Huon Valley by the beach with my husband and two kids. See the cute dog in the pic? That’s my late and great pal, Molly. She was here for part of the adventure. Still lives deep in our souls though. R.I.P. sweet bean.


I like dancing, singing, hanging out in the garden with my kids, swimming in the ocean, patting animals, drinking martinis with my husband and eating. I really love eating.

I became a celebrant at the end of 2019; my pal Tesha thought it was a good idea. She said I could wow a crowd and that I had some pretty nice vibes going on.

I embarked on what I thought would be a 3-month course. When you have very little time on your side, it takes you WAY longer to smash out a course. And now, here I am! Legit, and ready to get you all loved up and hitched!

Yes, it’s true. I hold funeral services for humans and pets. You won’t find a daggy wood veneer chapel in the middle of who knows where! I’ll find you a brilliant venue, we’ll have beautiful flowers, and your loved one will have the best send-off, scout’s honour (I was never a scout).

What is a celebrant?

A celebrant is someone who is legally registered to conduct or preside over cermonies like weddings, funerals and other important life events. They can be religious or secular in nature and are trained professionals or members of the community who are chosen or deisgnated to lead a cermony. A celebrant is there to help you cretae and lead a personalized, meaningful ceremony that reflects your values and beliefs.

I believe that anyone with a loving heart has the right to say “I do” to their chosen one. I believe that people and animals should be remembered respectfully when it’s time to say goodbye. Basically,

I believe that everyone deserves a party!