Stephanie Brodeur – Blossom Gatherings

by | Mar 8, 2023

What do you like to be called? Steph

What’s your business name? Blossom Gatherings

What do you do at Blossom Gatherings? Wedding planner & Stylist  

Where are you based? Adelaide Hills, SA but also offer wedding planning in TAS and Byron Bay, NSW 

What is Blossom Gathering’s ethos? I work from a place of “Gatherings with purpose” moving away from the pressures of expectations or any unfelt tradition. It is my passion to help create a magical moment that feels true to you, that makes your heart swell up, leaving everyone with soft & sweet memories for years to come. 

Were there moments in your formative years that might have indicated an interest in your line of work/? I worked in retail and visual presentation 15 years ago and I helped the marketing team plan a fashion show. I completely fell in love with events and all the behind-the-scenes that come with it. That’s what started my event career. 

Why did you start Blossom Gathering? More freedom with clients and venues to work with and curate weddings that are personalized to each couple and their essence. 

A stand-out moment since starting your business? Planning a wedding in France in a Provencal Chateau 

Worst moment? Washing dishes for hours at the French wedding as we were short staff (Best and worst all at the same time) 

Have there been any mistakes you’ve made that you feel you have grown/learnt from? Taking too much on and not respecting my personal time.  

Where are you at with Blossom Gathering currently and are there any plans on the horizon?

I’ve just relocated to Adelaide so I want to dive into the industry there and get to know some SA vendors and also starting to focus more on the styling aspect of my role and add some interior styling to Blossom’s services. 

What trends are you seeing in the wedding industry? People really go with what they want instead of doing things for other people. It’s so refreshing to see and creates really magical weddings 

Other hobbies/interests? Life has been all weddings these last years but when I don’t work, I love spending time outside and at the beach 

Tell me about your favourite vendors: Lottie Phillips, The Romantics, Oberon Lane, Sabre Catering and so many more. The wedding industry is the best and there’s so many gems!  

Favourite food Gluten free pizza 😀  

Your spirit animal and why? Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City (if that counts as a spirit animal hehe) 

What would your final meal be? Raclette (French) 

Favourite song You’ve got the love by Florence and The Machine 

If you had one piece of advice to share with couples, what would it be? Do things for you, no one else. It’s your special day so keep going back to what’s important for you and what reflects you as a couple. If you keep following that guideline throughout the planning process, the wedding will be amazing 

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