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by | Mar 26, 2023

What do you like to be called? 

My name is Celia but a lot of people will call me C, CC or Cels   

What’s your business name?  

My business’ name is Cakedd 

What do you do at Cakedd?  

My business creates bespoke buttercream cakes along with cupcakes & few other little goodies as well. 

Where is Cakedd based?  

I am based here in Hobart, but also service areas that are away from the city & surrounding suburbs. 

What is Cakedd’s ethos?  

My business ethos & focus is to create bespoke products for any occasion. My business words that I hold true are SYTLE | TASTE | DESIGN which is what I want any product to reflect. I make everything from scratch, so you really can taste the love & passion within my products. 

Were there moments in your formative years that might have indicated an interest in your line of work/? Why did you start up your business?  

I have always enjoyed cooking, but mainly baking from a young age – My Mum & Grandmother were the main influences on this as cooking has always been a massive part of my family as I come from a long line of farmers. My great-grandmother, whom I never got the chance of meeting, was a cooking teacher at Woodbridge school around the 1950s. I honestly started my business with no intention of it becoming a thriving business, I started it more as a hobby & as a side hustle, to my other full-time job at that time. I had a few comments from friends after I made my best friend’s baby shower cake, and then it all unfolded from there really. 

Stand-out moment since starting Cakedds?  

There isn’t a specific moment that I can think of that stands out over others, but I am honestly so proud of a few wedding cakes that I have created, especially the wedding cakes that have different design aspects – the modern contemporary kind of design aspects I love creating. I think in saying that though, I do look back & think how incredible the journey has been so far but also being asked to create a cake for local photoshoots here in Hobart, on two separate occasions, was amazing. 

Worst moment?  

Hmm, it is hard to pinpoint a certain moment that has happened because I am a strong believer in focusing on the positives with a bad moment. Anything that has gone wrong so far with a cake delivery or a cake design, I have been able to manage the situation & to have a good outcome. 

Have there been any mistakes you’ve made that you feel you have grown/learnt from?  

I think in any business there are always things to learn from so you can grow and adapt as a creator. I have made plenty of mistakes with creating cakes and even the designs as well. There isn’t one that stands out to me, that I can think of, but I think just evolving my knowledge on the best ways to support a cake with the travel has been my biggest learning experience so far & that generally does have to change depending on the circumstance. 

Where are you at with your business currently and are there any plans on the horizon?  

My business is fast growing still which is good & especially in the wedding scene, which I love. I am still creating from home so I would love to be able to, hopefully soon, find a space that I can work in, in a studio-style kitchen – that is my biggest dream & the next goal for me. 

What trends are you seeing in the wedding industry?  

I think at the moment, from a cake creator’s point of view, I think a lot of couples are open to having some different styles of cakes from the standard white look – so adding in pops of colour into their cake design but also adding in different design aspects too. As I mentioned, I do love creating cakes that are a little different in design, so I am starting to see couples being more open to that. Another trend I am seeing, in the cake industry, is a lot of couples are getting smaller cakes to add to other dessert options at their wedding as well. 

Other hobbies/interests 

My hobby is working out, I go to a local gym near Hobart where I do Olympic-style lifting, I also love to spend time with my family, walking, seeing friends & going out for brunch too! Just the wholesome things in life, I love doing. 

Favourite vendors  

That is a very hard question for me but I just love working with any vendors, especially wedding planners/stylists/coordinators, that love to push the boundaries with design aspects & styling 

Drink of choice 

Ooh, I love ginger beer & anything fruity – alcoholic or nonalcoholic. 

Your spirit animal and why?  

I don’t think I have a spirit animal that comes to mind, but I have a few animals that fascinate me and I love them; they’re majority predators though hahaha – crocodiles, eagles, sharks but also cows, I love cows. 

What would your final meal be?  

There is no specific meal, but I think anything Italian would be a final go-to cuisine; anything pasta based for sure 

Favourite song 

I don’t have an all-time favourite song, but I do love anything old school RnB/hip hop would be my favourite genre, but I do love a lot of other types of music & genres too. 

If you had one piece of advice to share with couples, what would it be? 

My advice to couples, regarding their wedding cake, would be to always go for a scaled option for their cake size – a lot of people at weddings or larger events won’t eat cake, especially after a main meal, other food or alcohol. So, I will always suggest this option, especially if they don’t want to have to worry about too many leftovers for the days after their wedding. 

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